London Ramblings pt. 1


I have been in London and its surrounding areas now for two weeks, but traveling and constant movement somehow have a way of making time a forever flying and absent thing. No ensuing thought is coherent or complete, so rambling is the vehicle I will take in order to shore some of these fragments against my ruins:

-Americanos are prevalent.

-I was at one point in a room alone with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. I reacted by tiny-squealing and throwing my hand over my mouth. {They loved my mouse-like femininity and now John is teaching me how to grow and groom an “incognito beard” as magnificent as his own.}

– I fell asleep on a toilet. Do with that information what you will.

-Last week I was walking around Marylebone and realized I was very, very lost (as I often find myself realizing, both physically and emotionally). I sat on the curb and pulled out my guidebook that I hate because it says LONDON in big letters on the front, revealing my complete inability to blend as an urban/British human. A homeless man came up and exclaimed, “That is my seat, but I will sit several feet from you so that you know I am not a threat.” I hadn’t thought of him as a threat, but his comment led me to be further reassured that he wasn’t. [~Obviously I am a very trusting person, full of grace and love~]. After telling him that I was studying English Lit he proceeded to recite Shakespeare and John Donne. He really loved John Donne, as implied by his repeatedly referring back to Donne’s concept of good love vs evil love. He spoke very eloquently about the differences between these two loves and emphasized how important of a tool the Holy Spirit was in determining the difference between the two. He talked poetically about a pigeon that looked like a dove and about the Lord’s everlasting supplication. He encouraged me very specifically by name and claimed he knew I was smart because I continued to listen and respond to him (which is the perfect indicator for determining intelligence- whoever listens to you must be smart, right?). He told me I would travel and become an excellent essayist and journalist. He recommended that I watch the movie Blood Diamond and that I make sure not to fall in love with a boy just because he is big and strong and handsome. I was invigorated by his resource-less wisdom and evident human resilience; I thought, “he is so oddly coherent and pungent in diction.” Finally we stood to shake hands and say our good byes. He gave me an up down and exclaimed with enthusiasm that made me happier than I would like to admit, “Shit, Jesus gave you good legs!” I wish I could say that I scoffed or slapped him or something but I am pretty sure I blushed and I am very sure that I replied, “I KNOW, right??”


-Working the tube gives one more confidence than the Most Interesting Human in the World Award gives Hugh Laurie. And being made out upon (note that the proposition I used was unfortunately not “with”), is as disheartening as a dying baby squirrel.

-Just now a barista exclaimed “I hate Americans, I haven’t ever even kissed one. They don’t have enough humanity and they don’t get sarcasm.” I so badly want to scream “TS ELIOT, ALLEN GINSBERG, WS MERWIN.” #merica. L O L. I am gonna GTFO before my americanness a severely uninteresting and shallow scene.

Surely there will be more to come.

Till then, Cheers.



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