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    My name is Emma Tamplin and I am a student at Belmont University, studying Sociology and English Literature. I am in the process of pursuing various goals in creative writing, documentary photography, and (most prominently as of late) applying to graduate school. I hope to earn a PhD in Sociology to explore my life-long interest in culture, religion, thought, gender, and literature. Here are some examples of my critical writing and research.

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    Essay i: The Tragedy of Lack

    Essay ii: Narrative Memory

    Essay iii: Reflection

    Extra Essay: The Counter-productivity of Blame in 'The Handmaid's Tale'

sneak peak of the week

the past week has consisted of hiking, waterfalls, bison, mud pits, yellowstone and Colorado.


But it does take about a complete 36 hours total in the car going back and forth from Colorado, Texas and Wyoming…. So that means NO wifi.  UNTIL this wonderful Holiday inn in Steamboat springs, Colorado (i love this blessed hotel).  So i decided to sieze this opportunity and give you a little sneak of what’s to come of this vacation.  So here are a few that are catching my eye of the past few days.

now, off to another 4 hour drive to Salida, Co.

let me know what you think!


Ps- i am working on some Christmas and newborn packages so be on the look out! especially for the holidays in the upcoming months, you don’t want to put that off!

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